Having a mirror can help you navigate your creative path.

What Is Inside? Untangle, Unstick, Unlearn 

The process to get to new insight starts with a safe space. First we will create a container of empathy, mirroring, and clear communication. Then, using archetypal narrative, active imagination, and play, we will collaborate on developing intuitive integration between the understanding around your issues and the potential new growth of your visions.

Sessions may include creative processes, body processes, synchronicity exercises, meditation, mythology and storytelling, structured coaching, ritual, and visualization.

Each individual is unique and needs a unique weaving of modalities to achieve their learning, healing, and thriving. Everyone benefits from direct engagement and creative participation.

Clarify Your Vision. Find Your Flow

It is easier to find our internal dialogue with good mirroring.

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Individual Sessions

Process Transitions

We create a space together, a place where the liminal, the sacred, and the transformational meet.

In moments of creative peril, blast open the stuck places, move into new territory.

Nurture New Life

Envisioning , Shifting, Growing, Creating.

Whether literal or emotional creative visioning is a time of slow steady progress, developing the necessary building blocks to allow a vision to form and become viable.

For some this identification of the vision will be the completed journey. For others this will be the first nascent steps to building a whole new process or lifestyle.

Develop Tools

There are many ways to shift your creative needs. Sometimes it is the external tools and processes, organizing skills, and marketing ideas that will help you most.

Visualizing the skills and goals you need, problem solving, structured solutions, technology, to successfully develop a holistic approach to solving business, marketing, or logistical issues.


Archetypal Explorations


Are you interested in mythology, and ancient stories? Dig deeper into an old story and come up with meanings, personal lessons, or just a greater understanding of the stories that are the foundation of human narratives?


An exploration of ancient texts in a workshop setting. Sit in “sisterhood,” female centered energy, or collective human transformation, and learn the stories shared for their meaning for thousands of years. Myth Circles can be requested for events and ritual transition ceremonies.