Each one of us is living through our own Authenticity Ritual. Having a creative collaborator can help you navigate your path.


Align With Your Internal Dialogue

Using archetypal narrative, and active imagination, I help you to manifest your visions through a process of intuitive integration. Sessions may include creative processes, body processes, synchronicity meditations, archetypal discourse, structured coaching, ritual, and visualization. All packages are tailored to the individual needs of the client, for the benefit of direct engagement and creative participation with the requested transformative material. Clarify Your Vision. Find Your Flow


It is easier to find our internal dialogue with good mirroring.

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Individual Sessions


Processing for Life Transitions

Meant to provide an environment of deep connection and focus as you move through a stuck place. Think of it as a space we create together, a place where the liminal, the sacred, and the transformational meet.

I love helping people in moments of deepest creative peril, to blast open the stuck places, and move into a dynamic new inventive territory on the other side of the chasm.


Developing a New Possibility

This process is equally useful for envisioning a literal creative product, or making a very deep shift in your personal path. Creative visioning is a time of slow steady progress, developing the necessary building blocks to allow a vision to form and become viable.

For some this identification of the vision will be the completed journey. For others this will be the first nascent steps to building a whole new process or lifestyle.

Manifesting A Virtual Personality

Manage and construct the tools you need to bring your digital character to life.

The goal of the Marketing Persona process is to provide you with the information and the vision map you need, as well as technical language, to successfully develop a holistic approach to your marketing campaign. I will help to demystify the digital marketing part of being in business, so that you can focus on bringing your energy to the actual work.



Archetypal Explorations



Are you interested in mythology, and ancient stories? Dig deeper into an old story and come up with meanings, personal lessons, or just a greater understanding of the stories that are the foundation of human narratives?

Women’s Myth Circles

An exploration of ancient texts in a women’s workshop setting. Sit in sisterhood and learn the stories shared by women for thousands of years. Myth Circles can be requested for events and ritual transition ceremonies.