Working My Process

In this chakra/sefirot series I am playing with all of my past processes. My goal is to leverage all the ways I have painted in the past, to explore and find the most dynamic forms and gestures I can for the final paintings. And within this intention lays another, I am attempting to move away from the purely process based painting. I typically use accident, expression, and immediacy as my primary compositional tools. While I still want my paintings to express a spontaneity of form, I am interested in seeing what evolves from exploring form, replicating and refining images, through several processes, toward actually planning final large paintings. With that in mind, I thought I would document some of the individual processes as they unfold. When I work in water color and pen and ink, I move back and forth between painting and drawing. Building up layers of imagery. In this muladhara/malkut image, I started with a watercolor underpainting. Then I began to draw out the lines and forms from the water color that interested me. Next I started to draw in mendhi patterns that felt correct to the composition, folding them in between the organic deconstructed shapes of the background. Then I went back in with water color, creating more vivid forms for the central two images. First the spiral root chakra form, then the details of the pomegranate, shadowing and clarifying the form.

Later I took a similar painting and worked out a slightly different composition, playing with a more formal background, and adding more pen and ink shadowing to the pomegranate. The next step will be to play with a gestural oil stick version of this double circle form.