My work evolves on several different planes simultaneously. There is gesture and form, color and composition, and then there is concept and subject. My conceptual path seems to be an exploration of embodied awareness and meditation. However, what I am meditating on, comes from an emergent story I am telling myself, based on an initial set of research that I began in my early twenties. The blueprint for my constructions was developed during my initial Archetypal Woman series. Artistically the series was a bit of a fail, but as a blueprint for a larger conversation with myself, it remains a cornucopia of treasures.

The mythological prima-materia, the symbols, and emotional archetypes, are all foundations within the work that I have done since. And even more. The process by which I began to dig for symbols, pulled out and abstracted into my paintings, the way that I find meanings to play within, are all begun with The Archetypal Women.

This particular set of images traces the progress of the pomegranate within my work. I could just as easily pick out honey combs, or roses, peacock feathers, water surfaces, or butterflies. Certainly these are all standard symbols, used by many artists for many reasons. I am merely describing here, the way that these symbols have moved through phases within my work.

In the case of the pomegranate, the image has developed from the symbolic attachment to the myth of Persephone, through the literal exploration of its form. Then abstracted. Then stylized. Then deconstructed. Placed within the subject of my Pattern Series, it is all of these (abstracted, stylized, and deconstructed), simultaneously. Now I return to the symbolic, as both the root chakra, and the symbol of the Shekinah, to depict a more refined meditative, and expressionistic image of Malkut. Yet this image still contains the initial meaning, for me, of the seeds set into Persephone’s lap. They still represent the underworld, rooted in darkness, reality of the physical cycle of materiality, that Malkut is. That Persephone is. That the root chakra is.

My early research into the imagery and the mythology that moves me, informs and lays the groundwork for the meditations that I continue to work through.

In synchronistic fashion, I recently had an astrological reading done, with a woman who specializes in an unusual intuitive process. She mentioned to me that the location of my Venus within my natal chart was at a particular degree of Taurus that drew the Sabian symbol of the over ripe and broken open pomegranate. In other words, my goddess image, from my natal chart is the pomegranate. I found this both chilling and deeply affirming at the same time.