Archetypal Allies Workshop

with Rebekah Lovejoy and Heather Young

Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017

10 AM – 4 PM

An All Day Workshop of Discovery: accessing your current archetypal ally, through myth, constellation work, and intuitive painting. At Soul Nest Studio, in beautiful Carpenteria, CA

 $100 please RSVP

Reclaim your compassion through the strength and truth of your experience.” –Rebekah Lovejoy, PhD Mythologist, Artist

Join us in the safety of a nurturing container to call in the archetypes that will be our allies. We will be working through archetypal story, emotional insight, and creative expression, using techniques of Archetypal Mythology, Constellation Work, and Intuitive Painting. We will discover, embody, and anchor through our art, the powerful archetypal comrades that will help us meet the hurdles in our lives.


Constellation Work is a type of somatic movement, that taps into the larger energy of the room, and can provide visioning for internal psychological dynamics going on internally, like active imagination and improv, combined.


Archetypal Mythology is a combined conception, using Mythological story and image to play with psychological elements that are developing in an individual persons current experience. This method is a reading into the connection between the image and the persons own narrative, to find shake up the current patterns, and look for new insights that will open up choices for your life.


In this workshop we will delve into the archetypal images that our most relevant to your individual story, through visualization, and mythic story. We will do exercises in embodying these images using the somatic techniques of constellation therapy. Developing a greater personal sense of connection to the physical sensations of connecting with gesture and movement, in play with your archetypal ally. We will eat together and process the images that come through, through journal, creative discussion, and intuitive painting.


This workshop is a powerful day long process of discovering a deeper connection to the story that is currently developing in your life.

Join us in deep exploration!

RSVP to Heather Young @ Soul Nest Studio