Rebekah Lovejoy has a PhD in Archetypal Mythology. She uses an intuitive approach to human expression and ritual, to help create space for humans struggling to feel aware and seen in their emotional and creative endeavors. Rebekah has an ability to see through to the inner person, and bring out their richness. She can hold space while a person is in the dark night of their soul. She has the ability to translate between esoteric and practical ideas, bringing spiritual practices down to earth, and describing new age embodiment practices to the materialist and skeptical.

Her interest rests in practices of embodied compassion. She enjoys teaching people to find breath in their day, and meaning in their struggle. An expert in aspects of American culture, including Counter Culture, The History of Cool, and American concepts of Utopia, Rebekah leverages her knowledge of esoteric and creative practices, to develop out of the box processes, to motivate, ground, and transform experience toward an expansion within the individual’s practice.

Rebekah has helped artists, healers, and innovators, to own their genius, see clearly the gifts that they offer, and expand their capacity in frustrating or complex situations. She loves to hold space with an individual and get to know their dreams and fascinations. She creates an individual conversation with each person she touches, holding the container for their unique expression. She loves to create experiences of Collaboration with individuals and in creative team environments.


The same story told in two different modes…

The Interior View:

I am driven by a need to comprehend systems of knowing as holistic entities. This applies to everything, whether a single fairytale, a virtual website structure, a visual landscape, or a vast cosmology. This drive has informed the choices I have made in my life regarding education, work, and creative pursuit. I hold bachelors degrees in art and film, both emphasizing the methodology and socio-political histories of those mediums. I have worked on organizing the architectural structures of large content web systems, including a centralization of Cisco Systems. My paintings explore the micro/macro patterns of the physical world in relationship with historically human ways of perceiving these natural patterns. I hold a PhD in cross-cultural Mythology with an emphasis in Archetypal Psychology, in which I studied the original cosmologies of our human histories. I then explored how we can better understand our current systems of knowing (a la Michel Foucault), by exploring the psychological and symbolic elements of the many global, ontological containers, currently vying for dominant positions within human culture. I am fascinated by psycho-graphic groupings, complex information systems, viral MEMEs, Utopian fantasies, and counter-cultural ideas that subvert dominant paradigms. My greatest joy is being in the midst of dynamic, creative, teams of people working to invent something never seen before. I am a narrative creator and analyst, and a MEME surfer. Give me any large tangle of information, visual, sociological, fantastical (like Borges’ Chinese Encyclopedia) and I will identify its pattern. Open to me in conversation and I can witness, interact with, map, and nurture your individual patterns.

The Exterior View:

My earliest graphic memory is a stylized image of a Black Power fist floating on a field of red — a poster printed and hanging on the wall above the coffee pot of the Peace Press in Venice Beach, CA, where my mother volunteered as a typesetter. This early exposure to the relationship between politics and art informs my lifelong fascination with the ways in which culture shapes and expresses ontological belief. I hold Bachelors degrees in Film Studies, and Studio Art, from UC Santa Barbara. This combination of training in still and moving images leant itself toward a career in internet technology, and I worked for nearly a decade architecting content heavy sites for fortune 500 companies, and niche creative clients alike. Switching gears to raise a family, after several years as a stay at home mom, I returned to school and completed my M.A. and Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. My dissertation comprises an ethnographic study of individuals raised within the American counterculture, and is an ethnography of belief within a current secular cultural grouping. This work re-contextualizes the language of mythological studies toward an analysis of human strategies of belief in our Post-Modern world. I have a deep interest in internet technology, human metaphysics, history of popular culture, and human creative experience. I am a painter, writer, workshop leader, and creative collaborator, living in Santa Barbara with my three kids.